PowerCSS 1.0 released

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PowerCSS 1.0 released

PowerCSS 1.0!

On Good Friday, we published the 1.0 release of the MIT licensed PowerCSS JavaScript library. PowerCSS provides many of the features of Stylus, {less}, or Sass but with JavaScript-powered run-time styling. It could make your static CSS files obsolete. Installation couldn’t be easier thanks to npm: npm install powercss.

Recent changes

The final changes leading up to release were mostly “under-the-hood”. The most visible change was the completion of x-browser event creation even on ancient browsers (I’m looking at you, IE 9). We also rewrote the symbol resolver to handle arbitrarily-deep recursions, and expanded the regression tests. You can run these tests too:

npm install powercss
cd node_modules/powercss
npm install
npm test

The future

While using the module over the last few weeks for live and production-intent applications, I have decided that version 1.1 should provide per-cascade double-buffered stylesheets. This will provide a simple way for feature modules to provide isolated, real-time styling without taxing the browser rendering engine.

What would you like to see for version 1.1? Send me a note, file an issue, or send a pull request at our GitHub repository!

Constructive feedback, question, and collaborators are always welcome!

Cheers, Mike

Written on March 28, 2016