hi_score 1.6.x released

Announcing the best UnFramework for SPAs


We just released Version 1.6.x of the MIT licensed hi_score which introduces hundreds of improvements from 1.4.x and 1.5.x releases. Perhaps most importantly, we now identify as the UnFramework. Here’s the reason why:

Like other SPA frameworks, hi_score provides an enormous head-start in creating professional, release-ready SPAs. Yet it is profoundly different from most SPA frameworks in almost every other way. It is designed to help developers create, understand, and constantly improve native web applications without the dead-end-pseudo-language lock-in. It uses a zero-transpile development environment while still providing a rich set of capabilities such as life-cycle management, type safety, run-time CSS, and state management. It consumes far fewer resources and is productive with just a text editor, a terminal, and a browser. Easy requirements are easy, and hard requirments are possible.


With the prerequisites in place, the quick start doesn’t get much quicker than this:

  git clone git@github.com:mmikowski/hi_score.git
  cd hi_score
  bin/xhi build,dev_start
  google-chrome http://localhost:8080/build/latest/dist/

Please check out MIT the github project for complete details. As always, feedback and advice are much appreciated and pull requests are pure gold :)

Cheers, Mike


Written on June 17, 2019