hi_score 1.3 released

The full life-cycle starter project for SPAs just got a lot better



hi_score is a full-lifecycle starter project for web application client development. It embodies best (or at least pretty-darn-good) practices accumulated from over 20 years of continuous web development experience for every stage of deveplment. hi_score embraces the feature-module (or “web component”) design pattern, so it should work well with React or Vue.js projects.

So what’s changed?

We just released Version 1.3.x which is a huge ugrade from 1.2.x.

  • We now offer a ready-made a virtual appliance so setup could hardly be easier.
  • Added a universal xhi tool which automates almost every stage of development.
  • Sophisticated xhi dependency checking ensures all prerequisites are met before attempting to run a lifecycle stage. This elimitates all sorts of silly mistakes.
  • The build system (xhi build) now creates a unique build directory for each git commit. Coverage reports, metadata, and a distribution directory are included in each build number. This facilitates deployments, debugging, and rollbacks. The most recent build is always linked to latest.
  • Cleaned-up the js/xhi browser libraries. JSLint is now configured centrally in config/jslint.conf. And some tests that broke across timezones are now fixed.

Check it out

Installation is trivial once the development environment is ready. Just open a terminal and paste three lines:

  git clone git@github.com:mmikowski/hi_score.git
  cd hi_score; export PATH=`pwd`/bin:$PATH;
  xhi build && google-chrome build/latest/dist/ex0*.html

Please check out hi_score for complete details. Feedback and advice is much appreciated!

Cheers, Mike


Written on September 10, 2017